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The sign of the Prophet Yunus (pbuh), Prophet Isa (pbuh) spoke of this sign in the Injeel (Gospel), saying "A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a miraculous sign! But none will be given it except the sign of the prophet Jonah."


In the Christian perspective, Prophet Isa's explanation of this sign was clearly fulfilled, sent to the depths of the Earth for three days to be returned. A clear sign to the wicked and adulterous generation. But could this sign be fulfilled on other ways?

We believe Allah has provided a clear sign through the Quran. Yunus Chapter 10 which says, Alif Lam Ra these are the Ayat (proofs signs and evidence) of the Wise Book.

What are these 'Ayat' mentioned? These letters displayed, we discovered that proper Hebrew phonetics spells clear proof of the "Allah's word' which is spelled as Aleph Lamed Resh Aleph, (El Ra) or Ra-El "word of Allah". This is the prophesied name of Isa upon his return.

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CHRIST HAS RETURNED and proof has been provided.

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Prophet Isa is here, and only if our Muslim brothers and sisters could see it, we could bring about a much better world that much quicker.


Amen, brother

Excellent teaching!

Some awesome information here... something for our Muslim brothers and sisters to reflect on (actually all faiths should).

The sooner everyone realizes this the better