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"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."

  • Arthur Ashe

No matter at what point in life you are you have all you need to get where you want to be. Faith and believe are stronger weapons than you might think so never even consider giving up because thats a trait of a looser. A winner will fail his way to the top, a winner will fail as long as he dont reach success also remember the master failed more often than the beginner even tried.



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Beautiful motivational article. We always learn something new from yours. Keep up your great work sir.

appreciate it my friend

this is a very fantastic street art.i am really happy to seen your post.because you always showing very new thing one in your blog.its helps me alltime to learn alots of new idea of new tropic,everyday to get new post in your blog.thanks to sharing for your brilliant art photography with matching perfect of luck of your great work and resteem your dear friend @xemurai

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thank you for such kind words

These colors are so soothing

Hi @xemurai, the painting is great and the quote with text a really nice shot ! thank you ..where is this Street ?

Berlin City


Really awesome art 🎨 ...and ..lovely dear lovely friend xemurai..really love you

Nice post guys.iam @pushkarsingh voted for u

Great quote! Wonderful art! Love your post my dear friend xemurai

Oh your post topic is very important for our

Woww really nice art :) and great post

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