Keep your heart open:) Even if it hurts

in quotes •  6 months ago


This what ! call real strength! Keeping your heart open can be difficult but we are in times where openness is vital for us to move forward as a collective! Keep shinning bright:) my friends!

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Resteemed. Oh I agree with your thoughts.
And can I send SBD to you, for upvoting my blogs. I like your blogs, and so it’s kind of like growing together.

This words are soo truth, i like them much! You give a lot of confidence with your texts, keep it up. My fallow you have...hope you like my pics too...

How can i do this when I've been hurt everytime i give someone a chance

how to do it inspirewithwords.. how to do it!!!!


Loved the way, you have described yourself. You have a new follower now. Spread smiles.


With an open heart we have the full support of the universe behind us!


Yes indeed💚

So true. The flipside of courage is vulnerability... to be vulnerable is to invite in, to open up to some pretty amazing stuff... much better than being hard of shell and letting nothing in!