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“So how I will support my followers?

  1. I will make it a habit to visit the blogs of at least seven of my followers each week. Starting with one blog every day for the next seven days, I will read and upvote their post and leave a positive comment to encourage them. This is obviously in addition to doing my usual rounds on blogs of people I am already following on steemit :)
  2. I will read, upvote and respond to every comment on this post (excluding spammers). I already do this but I will add it here still as a reminder.
  3. I will resteem posts from my followers that I think deserve more views. I am not a big fish but I will do everything in my Steem power to support you ;)”

@lucygarod on Steemit

I will try posting less famous, but what I find thoughtful quotes on a regular basis. Credit and source will be given when the author is known. Unfortunately, many times these are not known.
Please ponder the quote. Thoughts and comments on the quotes are appreciated.

Live well
Do good
Die strong


Well now I am all curious. You know I am going to pop over to see what this is all about.

lol! Your comment cracked me up :)

Thanks I lurk around over here quite often these days

Pop over any time.

Ha Ha

You must stop upvoting my comments. I feel bad when you use up your clicks. I will be back at 100 soon. I had a decent power up so I may just throw a tantrum if it still reads 0.00

The steem power regenerates. I always upvote, even those that disagree with me.

It seems to take forever. Right now I have 30 mins to go till I am back at 100. I am waiting so at least my click won't read 0000
I am still powering up everything I can. I love so much to vote. This is going to be so much fun for me when the vote actually means something.

I’m in the same boat but growing steadily. Just got my 46 reputation.
Personally I am not buying any Steem, just using the measly amount I make here.

I must try to buy some. I will be years earning it at this rate.
I waited hit 100% voted and still 000
I have decided it is set deliberately for the low holders.
Think about it we can click around all day and nothing changes hands. And how many will ever give out votes if we can't return the favor? So here we stay trading out zeros. I made my first post and was so lucky I have 13 votes. I am going to go give comments to all those people because I do appreciate it. Still I find it sad that 13 votes equal 0.01

Think about it. Steemit produces tokens out of nothing. The only way to continue to pay is through inflating the number of tokens. I believe it doubles every year.
I really don’t want to put money into it. I’m having some fun here and some good interaction. I’m not making any money, and likely never will. But as long as it is fun…why not?

Thank you so much @appone :)
It's really kind of you.

I think you said it very well. Too bad these sentiments are not shared more widely on Steemit.

That's really kind of you :)
I suppose we can start with ourselves and hope that ripples of happiness we make will spread throughout the steemit ocean xx Lucy

BTW Lucy. I started your item #1 on the list today and I will continue doing it past the 7 days.

That's really great! I am so pleased to hear that. I will also try to continue it past the 7 days. I was hoping may be with 7 days of practice it will become part of my habit xx Lucy

I just deed my good deed of the day. We really need to get the word out and make this a Steemit custom.

That's wonderful @appone
How did it go?
Sorry I am a bit slow in responding to comments. I was trying to give full SP votes to everyone but with current steem price if I am below a certain SP my vote is really useless so I wait to recharge it before responding :)

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