Quote of the Day #45: Let The Past Make You Better Instead of Bitter!

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If you could change the past would you?

They say hindsight is 20/20, I’m not exactly sure who ‘they’ are, but hindsight is what you make of it. It is the knowledge and experience that you were blessed with to have hopefully gained from the times that are no longer. The way I see things is that the past, the present and the future are all happening in no particular order. Hold on, at least hear me out first. The past has supposedly happened already and the future is never here, so all we TRULY have is the present moment, this present is where we reflect upon the past times and the future times, the present is where we LIVE, it is where we are right NOW.

When we ponder our past and where it has gotten us, we may be happy, or sad, or indifferent. One thing that is certain, is that whatever may have happened to you, it is something to be learned from and be brought about to a positive light, even if it wasn't so positive.

We have the power to make anything from our perceived pasts to help elevate us to higher levels of creation and evolution. We have the right to make our lives better than ever, and that is something nobody can take away or withhold from you. Make the present moment better, don’t let any previous troubles, hardships or mishaps shape your current view and make you bitter towards life or others.

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Be big & be better!

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Ive never stubbed a toe on furniture i wouldnt take back in a heart beat if i could :/


That's all part of the experience isn't it @fem-of-war? even the painful ones :)

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Thanks for the awards @steemitboard. I'm very appreciative.

I wouldn't be who I am, or know what I know-So nope. I take the bad with the good and the good with the bad <3


And that's exactly how it should be in my opinion as well @ancientmystique. We go through the range of good-bad-good and this is the life we live. Embrace it all and make the present day better than any other.

Very encouraging blog! I can relate and how important it is to look forward and not backward!


@breakingtonight , Thanks for stopping by broham! I appreciate the feedback, and it's cool reflect on the past, but only to make us better and more productive in the present time.


You're welcome, @sandstorm
This is what I'm trying to do in my own life because it's never wise to get stuck in the past.


All we can do is try, so you are miles ahead of so many others who never try.


That is very true, indeed!

I wish you good day,
Let today be lucky
And only will be happy
In the life of your turn.
Let the planned plans
Will become a reality without problems.
You want to joke bravely,
To smile now all.


Thanks for that @sokoloffa, what a nice poem. Have a great day! :)

Was just talking about this subject with a friend today. You really have to let it be something that helped you grow, and keep moving forward. Also doing it for yourself and not for others. Wonderful post @sandstorm



Thanks for that @andykillian, much appreciated :) Whatever happened in the past is over and done, whether good/bad doesn't matter, what matters is how we apply what was learned and make today awesome because of it.

I would never change anything!
Every experience, good or bad, thought me many valuable lessons which I would never learn otherwise!
Great quote!


All of our experiences are lessons to learn from, thanks for the great comment @taraamin77.


You are welcome :)

I like to live life in the deep end. Pro diving, no official affiliations, and there's always more ahead so never look back. Hey cliff diving sounds fun! Dive deep @sandstorm.


Here Here, right there with you on this one brother.