Today's Motivational Quote: Wednesday April 4, 2018

I’m back after a short break with one of my all time favourite quotes!

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“I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better” 

Abraham Lincoln

I suppose that most of us are guilty of seeing the bad in people.

Can we do better in searching for the good?

If we do so we might be surprised with what we find!

Thanks for stopping by. Now let's get busy succeeding!



Absolutely great quote and it's really important too because in my opinion most of the people easily judge next person even without talking with them, this is because most of the time our internal tendency of thoughts play an great role means sometimes we start to develop negative thoughts like everyone is against us and everyone hates me and in my opinion this develops through inferiority complex. So, there is an saying as, "Greet everyone, as you wanted to be greeted by everyone", so if you spread negative thoughts then don't expect goodness, because that's how this works, so better before judging someone, have a talk with them and in most of the cases people felt the same means first they judged someone but afterwards they felt the regret because they get know the original essence of person and that is good in nature. So always have a conversation, understand, observe and then come to an conclusion. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Thanks so much for expressing your points!

Welcome. 🙂

I've actually not heard that quote before @goodvibrations. Sounds like it might take a lot of work to put into action. 😊 Although, to be honest I don't have anyone in my life on a regular basis that I don't like so I would need to apply it to strangers more I think.

It applies a lot if you are at school or in another environment where you are with the same people often but you don't get to know them well.

Great example @goodvibrations, or even working in a large organisation perhaps. 😊

Welcome friend @goodvibrations. We waited for you charged with positive energy as you have taught us in all this time. We can not judge you for the bad because we learned a lot from you and how good people can be. A big hug friend. 👍😎

Well, everyone has two aspects, A bad one and a good one.
Those who Stopped the evil from growing inside, called the good ones and those who can't control the evil are known as the bad ones.
It takes a lot of time to judge whether someone has controlled over his evil thoughts.
It's better to judge first.

It's true that we can improve and change.

Great quote that was thanks for sharing an explaining it to us :) have a great day dear :D

If you think that you do not like somebody, it means that you do not know much about the person. Don’t judge somebody and come to the conclusion when you know little about them.

First time I'm reading such kind of quote but truly magical words. exactly we
human always find mistake why we not see and seek for goodness in others. if we change this in ourselves really 80% things turn into a quote indeed

It is very powerful!

Hi how's everything? Totally miss your phrases, make me see life early with other eyes. Most of the time we judge without knowing. I very much agree with you; we only see what we do not like, or the negative part in people without taking the time to know how it is.
Maybe when it's done, let's change our point of view about the person and become an important person in our life as a good friend, for example.

What you write is so true!

I missed your phrases! Taking advantage of that quote, I share the following: "A test of one's own goodness is to trust in the kindness of others"Michel E. De Montaigne. Seeing always the good side of people says a lot about us.

Thanks for sharing your quote.

Its been a long time too since I last visited haha, I went home for a long vacation to attend on my son's graduation.

Indeed that sometimes, its a nature of man to judge immidiately the way we look to a person physically, but this is a wrong perception, before judging we should know and search them better, because some looks good outside but the inside is full of trash or negativity. We should be wise in knowing someone, because finding a treasure is hard, but what we should have to do is to dig dipper and search more for us to find what we're looking for😊

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

We miss you friend @goodvibrations Welcome again. With your dating dates and advice makes us better people on the road of life. A big hug. 👐

Oooooh thanks so much!

These are impressive quots ,very knowledge full,well seeking & motivational.
I apreciate this courage full skill at all.

nowadays people are more focussed on bad
they almost ignore good about others

Positivity this early in the morning makes the day so much better! Great post, man!

Let's get things off to a good start!

So beautiful post my friend. Your posts are golden @goodvibrations

FIRST, we have to know the person and then we should like him.

Good quote.

It could be possible.

It is better to risk saving a guilty person than to condemn an innocent one.When we are guilty, it is not our sins.we hate but ourselves.....
Great quote @goodvibrations

Thanks for your thoughts!

Thanks a lot for motivating us,well done dear.

Thanks for your visit!

Thanks a lot for your motivation.keep posting.

Sabias palabras... ¡Feliz día para todos!

such an amazing words,thanks a lot.........

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