Today's Motivational Quote: Tuesday March 27, 2018.

Today something a little different. A touch of humor!

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“I'm not afraid of death; I just don't want to be there when it happens.”  

Woody Allen

What funny quotes do you like?

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This is my favorite phrase
"It's better to be quiet and look silly than to speak and clarify doubts definitely."
Groucho Marx

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I changed my password everywhere to 'incorrect.' That way when I forget it, it always reminds me, 'Your password is incorrect.' -

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Thank you so much @goodvibrations Appereciated

Here's one @goodvibrations:

"I made a huge to do list for today. I just can't figure out who's going to do it." 😂

thank you very much @goodvibrations. Your upvote is very much appreciated! 😊

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”
Dalai Lama

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Every soul will feel death. because that death we never know. God's power exceeds human scholarship. Good charity will be more beautiful there than living in the world

Rest assured that the next life will be more beautiful than life in today's world

Death is a journey of a new life. I believe life after death is more beautiful than life in today's world

Why be afraid. because every soul will surely come death. time we do not know when it comes

When we trust God. So God will bring us to life or a place more than life now. the good people in the world will be given a better place after going to life in the world

If you do not run away from making your dreams come true, one day you have to work under others - to make their dreams come true.

"If a sacrifice is needed I give up mine and take yours."


"Do not live only with salads
Do not live only with salads."

Hannibal Lecter


"If you could kick the ass of the person responsible for almost all your problems, you could not sit for a month" Theodore Roosevelt

"Who does not know where he is going is better not to take passengers" Jaime Leal

"There are two things that are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. The first I'm not very sure" Albert Einstein

"There is the detail! That it is neither one nor the other, but quite the opposite" Cantinflas

"Foolishness is the strangest disease, the sick never suffer, those who suffer the disease are the others." Paul Henry Spaak

"As you get older three things happen.
The first is your memory goes, and I can't remember the other two"

Hahhahha very funny here is mine

"my brain is like Bermuda Triangle
information goes in and then it's never found again"

Laugh and the world will laugh with you; She cries and the world, turning her back on you, will let you cry. - Charles Chaplin

Your quote brings an energy to my mind.
Great quotes

I think we should be ready facing death. That's the time we are to meet Jesus or the otherway around. Let's be watchful for the last days are here.


I prepared for my examination in last 10 minutes and i remembered everything when only 10 min left and i got 10 marks. That's the power of time and number.
-Own Thoughts

Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Sobrevivir a la muerte por alguna mala accion por lo que hierba mala nunca muere.

Work again? Really? Didn't I just do that yesterday?

nice one 👍👍👍.

when a door closes,

Another door should open,

#But if it doesn't then go in through the window😎😎

"My bed is a magical place where I suddenly remember everything I forgot to do."


Hi, good morning. Excellent phrase of Woody Allen quite joking on one side taking into account that we can not evade it when it touches us, it touches us.
I would like to share one of the great Stephen Hawking "I am not afraid of death, but I am not in a hurry to die, I have a lot to do first".
Happy day ♥

hahah that's really kind of funny death you better come in night that's the time i am free lol :D

(putting arms around Nigella Lawson) My wife is going to kill me. But you look like my wife, so that's Ok! --- Jay Leno (Popular talk show presenter and now a car collector.)

Mine here. @goodvibrations

  • La muerte y yo firmamos un pacto, Ni ella me persigue, ni yo le hullo a ella, simplemente algun dia nos encontraremos.

> @calitoo, me alegra al fin poder participar.

To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone.

said by,
.............Reba McEntire

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