Today's Motivational Quote: Thursday April 5, 2018

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Today's quote comes from a great historical figure!

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“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” 

Mahatma Gandhi

What does it mean to let someone walk through our mind?

Does it include what we read and what we watch and not just who we associate with?

Who do we let "walk through our mind with dirty feet"? Good question!

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In my opinion this is directly reflecting to the Ignorance means, if we see something wrong doing around us and we are not willing or fear to stop it and ignoring the situation then that means that this situation is dominating you, means the negativity is stronger than your positivity, so never encourage any negative things and thoughts and remember one thing the ignorance is also related to encouragement because it will give more strength to wrong doers so stand for the right and defeat the wrong. Thanks for sharing this quote with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Welcome. 🙂

The person who most often walks through my mind with dirty feet @goodvibrations is myself! 😁

Hahaha, I think most of us feel that way!

Thank you for sharing this beautiful phrase today ..! I understand by "dirty feet" something that is contaminated. Each person must take care of their energy and not let the bad things of others take hold of us. Happy day.

Yes we need to watch what we let enter our mind.

It's a pleasure to see your sentences again. That someone goes through our minds with dirty feet is indicative of people negative to our environment. We can not allow their passage because that can affect us, especially if we are achieving some goals or objectives. "The more healthy relationships we have in our lives, the less likely we are to be manipulated"

"The more healthy relationships we have in our lives, the less likely we are to be manipulated"

So true!

Beautiful quote @goodvibrations :) I don't like people that are toxic, thats why i keep away from them and their dirty feet. Gandhi is always a great inspiration to me :)

Yes keep away form their dirty feet!

This is a very wise phrase, I understand it this way: Nobody is going to affect my stillness, nor my thoughts, nor my convictions, nor my ideals, in spite of the physical aggression that I may suffer. It is not so important what happens outside, the important thing is how I am inside.

Yes, we need to take care of our insides.

The dirty feet in this sentence I interpret as toxic people. We are the ones who allow their passage to our lives or not. "We must learn to distinguish what makes us good and what is not, in order to be able to choose correctly"

Determine and then choose correctly. That's right!

we have to face different people in our life and some of them really inspired us and they unconsciously walk through our mind and and some one walk through by forced and we should be careful from those.

Yes we need to be careful!

It's a good quote. Where I am from there is a phrase that explains this thought "a palabras necias oidos sordos" means "to foolish words deaf ear"!...

Thanks for sharing that!

Wise words! ... I guess it means that it does not matter the offensive comments that generally hurt us. Happy day!..

Thanks for stopping by!

Well yes rightfully said !

Basically what I think is we should poison our mind with dirty thoughts of theirs !

Someone can say something negative and it does not matter if it was to hurt intentionally or not, those words will go to the mind for a long time. Someone else can share kind and positive words about the same subject, and yet it is the ugly and negative words that are repeated in the head, producing pain and anguish.

What you write is so true.

The great thinker ... the valuable legacy of his activity aimed at the good of his countrymen and the independence of his country ... Mahatma Gandhi. I think it is directed both for ourselves and for those around us. Because even, we ourselves could get our minds dirty
THINKING OTHERS, things that are not. And for the rest, let us influence.

Thanks for sharing.

No doubt great words said by a great man thanks for sharing keep it up @goodvibration

Thanks for sharing this great saying so it's really very beautiful contribution so keep it up and best of luck.

Our thoughts must be altruistic and we must channel them by the values learned. We should never let others make decisions for us. We must put aside the toxic people so they do not interfere in our lives.

I will only allow those who can live a great footprints that people will wow when they see it. Not those who will live a hole

Allowing some one to walk through your mind is like letting them know your inner most thoughts. If their feet are dirty then your thought will become dirty by connection..

Don’t walk through my mind with your dirty feet
I let someone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.

Your daily motivation concept in steemit is really inspiring steemians ...Thanks for such good content buddy...
Mahatma Gandhi has a great speech that i mostly believe ..

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

thanks a lot for your motivation,have a good day.

its the personal property hahah who will ruin that thing lets make it a place full of knowledge and experience

Well, there are different kinds of people available in this world, it depends on you who you chose to be with, which society you adopt, good one or bad one.

I like friends who have independent minds because they tend to make you see problems from all angles. @goodvibrations Gambar Terima Kasih dengan Bunga.gif

"Every time you choose who accompanies you on a project, think about that person adding value and you will benefit from the best version of yourself"

100 agree with you, we should judge people before making them friends

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