Thoughts #47 — On Work

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***Just listen to me but hey if you disagree with my thoughts please prove me wrong with logic or facts and please leave craziness at home***

So most people work for companies but no matter if it's a huge company or a small one, truth is you can't see the word people when you think of the word company even if you are "close" to your boss or whatever.

Anyway just remember:

  1. Companies care about profits and profits only.
  2. Companies don't care about their employees at all, so don't expect anything.
  3. Because of 1 and 2 stop fucking with your colleagues, they are people just like you.
  4. Stop being your boss little dog, nobody likes that and you ain't gonna go anywhere with that attitude.
  5. Quit, fuck 'em, unless you are top manager of a huge company it just ain't worth it. Start your own business and work for yourself.


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😀😀😀 I quit the rat race 11 years ago. 😀😀😀

Great. I did it last year. 😉

Good one! Made me smile and reminded me how happy I am outside the 9 to 5 bubble.

well, never forget, everything decided by a company is in the end a responsebility by human, somehow.

Don't know how people work so good by freelancing I am trying to do it hope it works because we can make our career grow doing 9-5 will stuck us in between but it's a sacrifice to do it because once we are financially good we can try other things but to earn bread butter this is has to be done

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