Explain This Quote #1 — By François de La Rochefoucauld

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***François de La Rochefoucauld (15 September 1613 – 17 March 1680) French author.***

>Hypocrisy is a tribute that vice pays to virtue

That's a good one right? Go ahead people explain this with simple words and structure so that everyone can understand, don't make the quote even more unclear.

To me it means that vice in order to win need to use virtue...

Anyway I'll leave you with other pretty good de La Rochefoucauld quotes

"We are more interested in making others believe we are happy than in trying to be happy ourselves."

"The height of cleverness is to be able to conceal it."

"No persons are more frequently wrong, than those who will not admit they are wrong."

"We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others, that in the end, we become disguised to ourselves."

"It is easier to be wise for others than for ourselves."

"Absence diminishes small loves and increases great ones, as the wind blows out the candle and fans the bonfire."

"We promise according to our hopes and perform according to our fears."

"Almost all our faults are more pardonable than the methods we resort to to hide them."

"He who lives without folly is not as wise as he may think."


That's a good one indeed. To me it means, vice to be seen as a virtue has to be a hypocrite (disguised).

Funny, I didn't quite get it till the explanation

I'm glad my explanation helped

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