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Personally, in making a comparison between intellectually normal people and those who are, by nature, gifted, in any field, I prefer the first category because these people were able to achieve their goals in life by their perséverance and their belief that they will achieve their goals, while the second category they are simply exploiting their skills.

That's why whenever we have an opportunity to do something we should not back off instead we should try to do it and make that the best thing

Yes after all :)

Salut Roxane, j'adore cette phrase. Sous ses airs anodins, elle est hyper profonde et elle donne vraiment des idées. Bref, c'est à méditer.

(I love this sentence. In her innocent manner, it's very deep and it really gives ideas. In short, it 's to meditate.


Clair @valuematik, elle me plait beaucoup aussi... Je ne crois qu'on que beaucoup d'être humain utlisent leur plein potentiel ! :-)

It's a daydike paper, like every day boss

Past always Stun those who are progressing day by day ...

Nice quote! Voted!