The War of Words: It's hard to know that you are being played, when you didn't even know you were playing the game.

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There are certain things people must understand before they can understand politics in America, first and foremost that the game is a game of words & brains, a game that relies upon the ignorance of a majority of the population to exist & a thousand ways to keep people ignorant, distracted, divided & last but not least convinced that you have decided.

“The same game, with the same success, has been played in all ages and countries, as Massachusettensis observes. When a favourable conjuncture has presented, some of the most intrigueing and powerful citizens have conceived the design of enslaving their country, and building their own greatness on its ruins.” John Adams

Words like liberal & liberty have been confounded or replaced by lesser words like leftist or freedom respectively. Treason, which is defined by the context of the Constitution is the most important word that is being played with for the players at the highest levels of society are guilty of it. If you mention this truth to one of the players they will tell you I am out of my mind and refer you to your closest dictionary for the definition, however if you read the Constitution it is defined within it therefore it stands to reason that the general definition is not applicable.

Article III, Section III, of the Constitution of the United States of America:
Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

“It is too often forgotten, by nations as well by individuals that honesty is the best policy.” James Madison

If we apply the established rule of construction then both possible meanings are applicable, both being beneficial to The People and consistent with The Constitution's Principles, probably meant.

“It remains therefore in a situation which has no precedent, & without a precedent lawyers & legislators are as much at a loss, as a mariner without his compass.” James Madison

The “War on Drugs” is levying war against them, therefore Treason.

“My dear countrymen, it is of the last importance that we settle this point clearly in our minds; it will serve as a sure test, certain criterion and invariable standard to distinguish the friends from the enemies of our country, patriotism from sedition, loyalty from rebellion.” John Adams

Dissenting opinions of the clear definition of Treason are the opinions of our enemies, enemies of liberty & Justice.

“I confess myself to be one of those, that think our present calamity is in a great measure to be attributed to the bad policy of a popular party in this province; and that their measures for several years past, whatever may have been their intention, have been diametrically opposite to their profession,-- the public good; and cannot, at present, but compare their leaders to false guide, that having led a benighted traveller through many mazes and windings in a thick wood, finds himself at length on the brink of a horrid precipice, and, to save himself, seizes fast hold of his follower, to the utmost hazard of plunging both headlong down the steep, and being dashed in pieces together against the rocks below.” John Adams

“I am sensible of the difficulty of the task, in combating generally received opinions. It is hard work to eradicate deep-rooted prejudice. But I will persevere. There are hundreds, if not thousands, in the province, that will feel the truth of what I have written, line by line as they read it, and as to those who obstinately shut their eyes against it now, haply the fever of the times may intermit, there may be some lucid interval, when their minds shall be open to truth, before it is too late to serve them; otherwise it will be revealed to them in bitter moments, attended with keen remorse and unutterable anguish.” John Adams

“and had not their hearts been dead to a sense of justice, and steeled against every feeling of humanity, they would have timely warned you of your danger. Our patriots have sent us in pursuit of a mere ignis fatuus, a fascinating glare devoid of substance;” John Adams

“The Arts of the enemy, and the low dirty tricks which they are daily practising is an evincing proof that they are lost to all Sense of virtue and honor, and that they will stick at nothing however incompatible with truth and manliness to carry their points.” John Adams

Most people only think they have an opinion about political topics, in reality they have simply been persuaded by the one major party in America pulling upon heartstrings & using rhetoric that they know people want to hear from politicians to choose one side of their coin, doesn't matter which one as it is all theater & word play to keep up the scam intended to destroy America and how the people of the world view US.

“The present Age has furnished Examples in Abundance of the humiliations Degredations and Calamities brought upon Nations by Conspiracies between foreign Intrigue and Domestic faction.” John Adams

“and now when we find ourselves bewildered, with scarce one ray of hope to raise our sinking spirits, or stay our fainting souls, they conjure up phantoms more delusive and fleeting, if possible, than that which first led us astray.” John Adams

“Nor are these Snares and Dangers all past. There are more to come.” John Adams

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