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Google defines an aphorism to be a pithy observation which contains a general truth.

As I understand it, an aphorism is a quote but a quote is not an aphorism.


I recently read The Bed of Procrustes: Philosophical and Practical Aphorisms (2010) by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (@nntaleb) and I have been inspired to try my hand at the art of the short and sage.


My aim is to document every statement I think of that I believe to have some wisdom. I may fail at times, maybe every time. If I do not make this attempt, I will definitely not succeed and become a modern day Hippocrates:

Life is short, art long, opportunity fleeting, experience deceptive, judgment difficult.


My method of checking for the existence of the aphorism in the public domain will only involve searching on Google for the exact words with and without double quotes. Life is short!

I will omit any aphorisms that are similar in wording and meaning with existing aphorisms in the public domain. I will not omit those that are only similar in meaning. Wisdom is not a monopoly!

I welcome criticism from readers when my method fails me.


I will cover a wide range of fields from politics to love and the love of politics to the politics of love. At times, I may try to be funny but I am not a comic.


I will try and publish at least one aphorism a day.


The aphorism itself will only be in the title of the post as a way of limiting myself to the 256 characters allowed by the Steem blockchain for post titles (different Steem blockchain UIs have lower limits).

The content of the post will only have a link to this introductory post. I will make maximum use of tags to maximize exposure for the posts.


For the love of aphorisms, here's a peek at some of mine:

Your aphorisms suggest you are very creative and probably a very good writer.

I hope you find success on the the Steem blockchain.

FYI: I use to schedule the automatic posting of my aphorisms.

I believe compressed wisdom needs time to be absorbed.

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