Money Will Come When You Are Doing The Right Thing!

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Making money is not hard! Money comes when we first POSITION ourselves in an industry that will allow us to capitalize on our own money. Money is like a faucet. In order to get paid you have to position yourself under a running faucet in order to get the benefits of the running water. Making money is also about focusing solely on activities that will make you more money. Spending hours on Facebook, Twitter, or playing video games WILL NOT MAKE YOU MORE MONEY! Doing things such as posting on Steemit, investing in Bitcoin or even H.Y.I.P.s (High Yield Investment Programs) can make you more money! Focusing more on I.P.A.'s (Income Producing Activities) keeps you making more money as opposed to not making money. In today's world, there are no limits to making more money. Think outside of the box! Take risks! Doing the right activities will make you more money.

Money needs to work for you, not you work for money!

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True, but those that are putting any sort of money need to be aware (especially with HYIP'S) that any money they invest may not return a profit . Especially if it is high risk. So therefore money you can't afford to lose shouldn't be risked! Keep making that money!


True @stonesteem. Absolutely agreed sir!

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