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School did not prepare us for the "real" world in many aspects. We were taught how to count, but we were not taught that real wealth is created by compound interest. We were foolishly taught to "work hard" for money. The real movers and shakers have money "work for them". Money is your bitch! Make money and then make it work for you. This is how the rich play it and you can play it too! Investment is where you make MORE money. If you are afraid then you will simply put your money in a bank and let it earn less than 1% a year. Wake up and take some risks with your money! Life is a game of Monopoly and only the bold win.

Work smarter, not harder!

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You got that 100% correct! It's astonishing that school didn't teach us to open a bank account, or how the REAL world works. It's a sadly corrupt world when you've worked your whole life and still live paycheck to paycheck. It's why so many of us have to find alternate ways to make our money.

Exactly @stonesteem! At least we WOKE up! So many are still asleep and will unfortunately remain asleep all of their lives. Sad indeed!

Ty @stonesteem! Much appreciated!