Tips for Making Life Work

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  1. Focus on doing one thing at a time. Tackling multiple activities may seem more efficient, but giving one task your complete attention is actually more productive in the end. It also cuts down on your levels of stress.

  2. Slow down and enjoy the journey. Whatever you're doing is important right now. Do not wish that it was over - and try and make it fun.

  3. Stop being such a perfectionist. If you're a pilot or a surgeon then you have standards of their place ... but for the rest of life "do not be so hard on yourself". Do not stress out details and impressing everyone.

  4. Learn to delegate to others: take the pressure off yourself. Perhaps other people will not do the job as well. But that's how people grow - so why not give them that chance - and spend your own time doing things that you'd rather do.

  5. Do not always be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Lots of people spend their lives terrified of what might happen - and most of the time things work out to be just fine. So, they're worrying for nothing when they could be having fun!

  6. Focus on what you have, what you wish you had. All of us have things we can be grateful for. Not everything is awful -and life's not always bad. And if you change your focus to what you're thankful for, you'll find that you feel much happier, and worry a lot less.

  7. If things go wrong, just shrug your shoulders and smile. Remind yourself that life goes on - so do not wreak your life wishing things were different or regretting what you've done. Also, things might work out next time. Tomorrow's a new day.


@agbaregha your post is like a whole school we keep learning every day..especially no 1..reminded me of people who claim to be jack of all trade.

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