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Celebrating the little-big successes tonight! Finally following-through with my own advice to myself - imagine that haha Stress level down, self-confidence up, Inspired. Breaking old patterns. Love it.

"There's a force from the Universe that's 100% trustworthy. It creates and manifests from love, cooperation, beauty and expansiveness, and it's to this flawless work of Spirit that you can return in order to know inspiration." - Dr. Wayne Dyer.

I came home from work today, exhausted from the day so far at that point. Was watching tv before I was going to start more work when the incredibly wise and peaceful man Dr. Wayne Dyer was on the Best of Oprah show - from the 80's, you could tell by the outfits;) but he was talking how what you manifest can really work for you AND against you, because your thoughts expand and will create/manifest in your reality. So if you spend all your time worrying about something that you don't want, you are actually going to manifest it because those thoughts expand. That was a great new insight for me to the importance on focusing on what is going well and what you want to see in your life and how you can create it <3 2 hours later I was in flow easily working on all the things that were stressing me out! Grateful for breakthroughs.

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