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" Never forget how wildly capable you are" - Lauren Frontiers

This is a quote my sister sent me last April when I was panicking writing final papers, and it popped into my head again today as I was panicking while I was supposed to being writing my final report for work and my brain is going on about 6 different things at once; 5 of which I have coming up in the next two weeks. So I taped this little phrase on a wall so I will see it everyone morning, because it's going to be an excellent daily reminder for the next six weeks. Write after I wrote it done - the following pointers immediately came to mind so that I can actually get all this stuff done! I am sharing here just in case anyone else is stressing about work and deadlines:)

  • Stay focused
  • break down what is left for each project and focus on one thing at a time to help feel more in control
  • don't let the big picture overwhelm and crush you in the forms of procrastination and self-sabotage
  • action moves you forward - take any steps, no matter how tiny, that move you forward to where you want to be when procrastination comes to visit
  • feeling stuck? - do something else like cooking, go for a walk, dance. Just get moving to physically and mentally unstuck yourself. Keep a pen & paper or your phone handy to record your ideas, because they will start to flow as you move.
  • remember! taking breaks is actually productive! f@#$ capitalism for making us feel like we are being 'unproductive' for taking breaks.
  • stress can be natural and come from a good place - like wanting to do well. Know the difference between healthy stress and putting too much pressure on yourself, because too much stress affects your physical and mental health and that shit accumulates over the years. Prioritize you first, before the work, and take care of yourself!!

If you have any advice or tips that work for you, please share. I would definitely be interested in reading them.

Alright - now to get things done!

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