Steemit is awesome but you have to check out Quora

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Dear Steemians,

Do you remember when you first heard about Steemit?
Getting super excited for getting paid for your posts, your thoughts, your researches about stuff, your pictures, your sexual intercourses?

I discovered it several months ago and found it brilliant. The feeling of this discovery, reminded me when I discovered Quora, some years ago.

quora logo.png

I am quoting the official description of the site, since I cannot describe it better
"Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. It's a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers. This empowers people to learn from each other and to better understand the world."

It is a site where skillful persons from around the world gather together, and share their knowledge by answering your questions. You can ask pretty much anything you want, from relationship issues to astrophysics. Businessmen get there, psychologists, Arab princes, women, men, Europeans, Asians, whatever you can imagine.

You get to choose the main fields of your expertise where you can contribute with your insights and, when asking a question you get to choose 15 people tat the system proposes, to answer that question by the key words of your question.

Every once in a while, they send you an email with the most relevant questions that you would be interested in and that you would be capable of answering. Also, you can bookmark your favorite questions so you can look up to whenever you want.

I would like to share with you some questions and answers I found in there and bookmarked. To my concern, I found them super interesting and entertaining.

  1. What is the adult equivalent of "Santa isn't real"?
    Here is the best question to this answer -

2)What is your side hustle and how do you do it?
The best answer again, is here -

Do you use Quora? Do you have any great Q&A to share?

Have a great weekend Steemians!


Never heard of it, I’ll check it, thanks for sharing!

You are welcome! I feel like it is a useful tool for everyone to use, some people that give answers in there are really brilliant.

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amazing !!
I have visited quora a few times and of course it's amazing but the content you share here is worth a read. It's very important we realise the relations Quora is building among us all .

Happy to hear it! I really like being part of this community, it opens my mind!

yeah !! It is like that :)

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