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Hi Friends... This is a multipurpose steamer bowl cum plate, which can be easily folded and unfolded like this. It's called vegetable steamer bowl!

I had brought it from US, during our last visit. I have not seen it anywhere here in the shops or supermarkets. But when I referred Amazon today, I found that it is available here too, through them.


It's very useful to steam boil vegetables and other things. As it's size is adjustable, we can place it inside a pressure cooker of any size!






It comes handy in steam boiling our most of the South Indian dishes like Pathrode, Idlies, Kadubu, Moode etc.

As the metal used for it is a good quality Stainless steel, it is easy to use and clean... :)


Now here is a quiz!! You have to answer these 2 questions!!

  1. How many petals are there in this bowl? (There is a flower resembling structure and I've shown it clearly in the above pics... :))

  2. Here I have used it to do some dish today. I made a dough with rice and have steam boiled it like this!!
    Can you please guess what am I doing??

Friends, here is a clue... Though it looks like Idli, It's not for Idli... :)

The first right answering steemian will be honored with my five 100% upvotes!! (Though the steem price is low now, and this is just for fun :) :))

Results will be announced tomorrow ,12 noon IST.

Will come again tomorrow with these pics, as well as a recipe for doing some South Indian food, as a special dish for the Rigupakarma day!! ( Thread changing festival)...

** See you soon, With much love from Mangalore, @geetharao...**

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Ha ha! Geeta aunty! I have find the answer. This pot has 18 petals and the dish is kadubu.
Am I right?

Here are my answers @geetharao ji :
1.) 18 plates
2.) Rice cake

May I ask all participants here, how many of you have counted petals from the first two pictures (without looking at all other pictures for clue)?

This steamer seems to be very useful to cook various steamed recipe. I think you are cooking steamed rice cake in this 18 petals steamer.


Hey! This is cheating!!! 😉

As a penalty, you should cook this dish for me once the recipe is out.

18 petals and Steamed rice cake

There are 18 petals in this bowl and you are making idli

Hello @chetanpadliya! Will you please help me to find out what's cooking up here?

Clue: It's steamed rice dough.

I've already solved the first question by going through other comments. Now I just want to give the name of this dish. Can you help me win this quiz?


@xyzashu, I am not sure but it should be Steamed Rice Flour Cake.


Thank you! Unfortunately, I was late to check your comment and by then others have copied your answer. Only quickest correct entry wins here. I should have asked you in personal chat. But thanks anyway mate!



There are 18 petals in this bowl. And there is a like ☀flower you've shown it clearly in the above pics... And you're making a special dish looks like kadabu idli / cup idli

  • Here is a flower looks like sunflower... 
  • 18petals in the bowl...
  • my guess of what your cooking is Idli or savoury rice cake

Nice beautiful ... Seeing for the first time..

18 petals and Steamed rice cake.

Hek ku komen han ka phot

There are 18 petals in the bowl,,,there is a flower looks like sunflower,,, and the dish is kadabu idli / cup idli,,,i love this delicious dish,,,thank you.

Veey handy and asjustable....it has 18 petals..not sure about the dish

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Hi mam my answer is
18 petals are in the bowl and the dish ur are preparing is kadabu idli / cup idli


Hi... I've mentioned it already that it's not Idli.... ;) :)...


Yes mam , but we make semige , by making pundi or rice balls and then put in the pressing Mechine . So I gave that answer ☹️ @geetharao


No problem, just relax.... :).
But this is with Katsambar rice and we can fill it in Idli bowls directly.
While making this with row rice, we have to heat the batter, then make pundies and steam boil it... :)

There are 18 petals and my guess of what your cooking is Idli/ savoury rice cake

There are 18 petals but dish is not known may be some special type of cake.