Wine Review: Cooper & Thief Cellarmasters. A Cabernet Sauvignon Aged 6 Months In Whiskey Barrels!

in quinneaker •  7 days ago 


Top Notch!

I haven’t drank any good wine for months because Decent/good wine is not common in Panama which is where I had been living.


Now back in the land of abundant stuff wine is coming to Me from everywhere.


This is without a doubt the best wine that I have had in years.

The label and presentation are nice and the bottle is much cooler than your standard wine bottle.


Though it’s the flavor where this wine really shines!

I love whiskey and you can taste the whiskey barrels in the flavor. Yet it still has all the great flavors of a top quality Cabernet!

I would highly recommend this whine to anyone who likes Cabernet or whiskey.

As always please ideally upcycle this bottle or recycle it at bare minimum.

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