Teaching Yoga To Children~

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So important and experience/knowledge of real value.

We have had hundreds of families come here over the last decade for healing, retreat, love, education, real life skills, amazing food & new paradigm experiences in general.


Another happy family learning and enjoying holistic loving and the many fulfilling pleasures of @intothegardenofeden
I love sharing truly high vibe food and conscious living with people.

Being at the Garden Of Eden is a full spectrum and often life changing experience.


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Staying flexible is one of the greatest gifts I've given myself and my children. I did what felt good, and they did it too just like this little girl in the photos. It seems almost as soon as they can walk, they're also wanting to do other things adults do. Just do it and the benefits multiply!


I think it's good to teach yoga to kids, although I've never tried it myself and I'm an adult.

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Yes it is very good for almost everyone at almost any age!

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It's a good idea. My son is 1. I may start at 4.

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