Rescued Wild Cats

in quinneaker •  7 days ago 


I have taken in about 20 cats in the last 8 years. Mostly wild and strays but sometimes people come to live here and then just leave without the cat....


They are not indoor cats but get to enjoy a life of freedom and plenty of food.

There are about 10 here right now. If anyone would like to take care of or provide homes for any of them let me know!


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Cute picture on the bench!!!

You have taken care of them in such fine fashion too. How blessed they are to be at the @gardenofeden!

🐈 🐱


I have ended up with 3 now that just pitched up because someone threw them away - it does not make sense to me that people can do that. They are now neutered and spayed because I do not want any more kittens. There are enough homeless cats. These look very happy and well looked after.