Pictures Speak A Thousand Word’s: Photo Journey Of Ease & Joy Through The Matrix

in quinneaker •  last month 


Parenting can be fun and easy even when traveling through airports and airplanes.


Almost everyone in airports looks tired, stressed and the kids are whining or crying.
It doesn’t need to be that way, these pictures are a tiny glimpse into the joy and ease with which we navigate the matrix.


It is true there are few places more stressful, more lines and unhealthy than airports, but we can either focus on all the difficulty and justify being stressed or embrace the moment and the opportunity for awesomeness!


Mental fitness is key. Work it out for a healthier life.


Photos speak a thousand words. Love happiness and fun abound!



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No doubt for them it's just one more extension of the adventure! You make EVERything easier @quinneaker. Such a fine example of a family cared for, physically and emotionally.