Naked Painters & Never Ending Art At Burning Man

in quinneaker •  3 months ago


There is more art at Burning Man than you can even see. Thats because a huge majority of the people that come to BM are artists. So everyone is creating art be that their clothing, bikes, cars art installations or camps them selfs. Basically everything is artistic at BM.


This is a huge wall consisting of hundreds of panels all hand painted by BM artists and yes of course some of them paint naked.


Its great to have walls when they are hand painted inspired art!


Life is a creation∞


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Sort Order: kinda place! Art is everything--everywhere--saturated! Love love love that!



wow, very nice! i would love to go to the burning man festival one time and create an artwork there :O ... its like a dream i have since more than 10 years!
you enjoyed the festival? ... i m kind of jealous ;)

...check my profile if you find some time and like art. I live art!

Have a great time, all the best!

Peace and love,

-edga NOWARGraffitis

😍😍 nice i like it and East and West you are the best

Lol. Hilarious but very cool artwork!