It’s Beer O’clock! Beer Review: Tropic Thunder Lager

in quinneaker •  last month 


I generally always say If your going to buy beer please always buy local craft brews.
It’s not that there are not good imported beers, it’s just they have to come across the seas and thus require far more energy and are higher carbon footprint.


Also a say Heineken beer is also a mega Corp mass produced beer where as this is a microbrew produced to much higher standards and far more wholesome.


First off I like the can and aesthetics.
After tasting it, I like it but not at all what I expected. It taste like an IPA not a lager.


I like this beer and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes IPA flavor beers.

As always please recycle or even better upcycle and remember local is best.


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we miss you at the Steemfest and at the BEERSATUDAY in town.....

Yes wish I was there but I am the campaign manager for the last president and producer of a film