Had an extraordinary week! I hosted a high level mastermind with 10 geniuses.

in quinneaker •  2 months ago 


We had film directors, super hackers, even rocket scientists.


We are working on a film, cleaning up space trash, even an elevator to the moon.
Lot of work to do, yet it sure is fun!


Been talking space, science, math and super geek for 2 days straight!


Smart people are awesome!

Masterminding, innovating and progressing on truly important projects.


Work can be fun and profitable while also making the world a better play!

Never be afraid to dream and to try and live the dream.. Never be scared to fail and don’t be scared to succeed!

And IF you are meet that fear!

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What an amazing experience!

This last photo look funny :))) ... what did happen what this man there on the right ? :))
But cool post I try soon look more what you post and get cool IDEAs out :) it looks you had lot fun there what all them :)