Feeling The Intense Power Of Burning Man~*~

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This truly is a one of a kind experience and the intense and often uncomfortable nature of it is part of why it is so extraordinary.

I mean how many people would use their vacation and invest vast amounts of money to spend a week in the middle of one of the most barren deserts on earth.......

Most people get one shower max in a week of sweating and wearing out their favorite clothes. The food for most is meager and often dry or cold.

Dust storms blow in from seaming nowhere with a furry blinding and choking the unprepared or panic prone.


Yet this is all part of the intense excitement that is Burning Man.

Its more than just the dry, hot, windy caustic environment that is Black Rock City. It is the artistic and emotional extreme expression of the beings that are present this is also boundary pushing.

Yet another potentially uncomfortable yet glorious aspect of the experience as a whole.


People don't go to Burning Man to be at ease and relax. They go to let loose and push limits~


Imagine 80,000+ people coming together in the intensity of such a vortex.....You have to be here to understand∞§∞


Love you daddy!!!!!!!!!!




Now I know what the Burning Man event is all about.


Heard so much about people gifting each other inside, building its own economy. Interesting.

Its interesting to say the least

Oh wow, that looks barren alright. I haven't imagined the extreme atmospheric conditions there until now. Your pictures show a different angle of the otherworldly nature of that place.

Yes it is an environment few humans ever experience. Bitter sweet it is.

So cool!

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One day I’ll go there to :)

Do it!

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I would be careful. That “intense” power out there is probably from all the occult and satanic shrines and things going on out there.

That element is present without a doubt

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Really dig that outfit