Even The Road To Burning Man Is Interesting

in quinneaker •  2 months ago


The closer to Burning Man you get the more Burning Man people, art and creations you begin to see.


Black Rock City which is the name of the third largest city in Nevada only exists for about a week. Its way out in the middle of nowhere in a barren desert. Yet almost 100 thousand people travel all the way out there for Burning Man every year.


In Reno which is the last city before the long road through the empty desert is where almost every one stocks up in supplies. Its the best time of the year for all the businesses in the area, better than any holiday even.


They have whole shipping containers of extra supplies like water and booze cause everyone stops there on the way to BM.


When you go into the stores its always obvious who the Burners are because even before getting to Burning man they are eclectic characters.


One great thing about the desert is there are lots of nice sun sets.



Life is a journey and the ultimate creative masterpiece. Make something awesome.


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Love you daddy

I like the first picture

@quinneaker, Agreed, Sometimes our destination really becomes interesting when we find the route interesting.

And in my opinion every journey is an Story and this story will enhance many lives because an journey consists of many memories.

And the most important part is Preparation before Travel and we hold lot of enthusiasm and excitement.

I hope and wish that you will going to have more amazing time ahead. And hope that you will going to collect tons of memories.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Yes indeed brother~

Life is full of ups and downs but so much worth living for. Make the most of it!



That's absolutely true. Thank you so much. 🙂

love the burning man. It's been some time since I've steemed, but glad I picked your story first. Looking forward to getting back on the road.


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