Even rocket scientists are impressed by our epic cuisine.

in quinneaker •  2 months ago 


Not only was the mastermind retreat amazingly progressive and productive but there were amazing Eden feasts coming to being multiple times a day in the GOE vortex!


Everyday meal was another mouthgasmic & sustainable meal served in love with true hospitality you can’t buy.


Epic Feasting! Another day in the vortex!

Fresh, All prepared outdoors, in love over open flame on earthen ovens....
Wild crafted fresh picked ingredients, tantalizing herbs....
I could go on and on

I love how beautiful inspired food is and that we do it in such sustainable standards.

Not likely to find any food more sustainable and delicious than this!

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It's always fun to share feasts with those who appreciate the passion and love put into every bite!

What foods did you serve there? @quinneaker

Well for this ONE meal you can see what is there generally.

We had 3 meals a day that were extraordinary and mouthgasmic!