Enter ThunderDome!

in quinneaker •  6 months ago

Burning Man is a place where anything goes and whole worlds are created.


ThunderDome at Burning Man has been around a long time and is one of the best examples of people coming together to create a new world experience.


There is a HUGE metal dome of which hundreds of people crowd around and even climb on to get a view of the various contests and battles that take place in THUNDERDOME!


You think your a warrior savage?


Ok well strap on the harness and fly around the air with your battle weapons and try to best your opponent in the middle of the desert with hundreds of people watching you!


Its true that at BM the community is generally very accepting and inclusive yet being on stage in a battle royal with hundreds of Burners watching you is still a lot for the ego to handle.


What is apparent and the whole point is that everyone enters the world of Thunderdome which is very akin to Mad Max matrix, steem punk cos play.


The roles are played well, the scene set up and the openness of minds allows a whole new world to be created.


Burning Man is something worth experiencing once. Its not a sustainable answer but it is an opportunity to let loose, connect, let go, and most importantly re create.



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What a test!! I can only imagine the intensity of these times...no doubt BM is the perfect venue for such challenges. Thanks for the view through your perceptive perspective @quinneaker.


Ya its quite an experience indeed and ThunderDome is one of the more live experiential worlds created.



today i looked at photos from burning man and then check the website to see how to get there, how to be a volunteer and so fort :)
this year i did the psychedelic tour festival from europe - boom, ozora, samsara. AMAZING TIMES. but one day, i would love to feel burning man also! today i put it on my to do list and now i read your post. then i must go there seems like it :D

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