Corona Success PSA

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With the quickly spreading and growing fear and loss that many around the world are going through due to the CV crisis, I wanted to write up a comprehensive note to all the people out there not only on what legitimate dangers there may be but also what legitimate solutions there are.

While COVID-19 is a real thing, the virus itself is not very dangerous when prepared for and approached properly.

As far as a virus is concerned, the most important thing is to get as healthy and stay as healthy as you possibly can. With a strong immune system and a clean healthy body with sufficient nutrition, any and all viruses should be of little concern.

I know this not just in theory but also in practice, as I’ve traveled the world and done many things that people would think are dangerous, and I have not even had so much as a cold or fever in over a decade.

In truth, now with the loss of many jobs, house arrest, and no school and no social gatherings to attend, many should have much more time than ever to focus on their health as priority. So not only is there a greater reason to stay healthy than usual, but also more time.

The key factors to good health are number one be stress-free: don’t panic, don’t worry, don’t be scared. Yes easier said than done; however, whatever you can do to mitigate stress, the better.
Meditation, stretching and massage, calming music, reading a good book, and great sex are all fantastic ways to reduce stress.
Also remember that being fearful is not actually going to to help anything at all - being prepared will!

Next, your immune system is of great importance. The immune system is designed to detox the body, to fight off invasion of harmful outside sources, and to rebuild damage that may be done.

Obviously a healthy diet, free of as many toxins as possible is important too, as are immunity boosting supplements, many of which people are aware of.

Specifically for COVID-19 my research shows that anti-inflammatory immune boosting substances such as turmeric are going to be far better than supplements without inflammation fighting properties.

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i use reishi mushrooms together with ginger tea and lemon. sometimes i put triphala or tulsi inside. with that no virus or microbes can get to me i believe!!