Cooking class and feast going down!

in quinneaker •  19 days ago 


Red Snapper with wildcrafted herbs cooked on open [email protected] my hand made earthen rocket stove.

Another successful Cooking class and food prep for our epic feast!


Harvesting & chopping delicious & nutritious wild crafted herbs for the main course.

So fun, healthy and sustainable to make food in love together outdoors!


For over a decade now I have been helping people, not just feeding and sheltering but more importantly educating and providing real life experiences.

People come here from around the world to learn & experience & are loving learning about sustainable living. Using our outdoor kitchen with hand made earthen stoves.

Preparing food with fresh and sustainable ingredients. Cooking it with sustainable fuel and being part of living a zero carbon footprint zero waste life.

To make it even better they get to enjoy quality time and conversation outdoors and enjoy massive abundant delicious food!

This is why I do what I do. To inspire and educate people on how the world works and the sustainable and free possibilities that exist!

If you want to learn how to cook food with extraordinary flavor combinations at the highest level of sustainability then we are here for you.


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you look so happy preparing the food. lovely

I am!