QiQi Creating Collaborative Art With @everlove & @saramiller in @gardenofeden

in quinneaker •  4 months ago


QiQi is creating new art every day as well as learning and fine tuning skill all the time.


Not only is it fun to play all day but there is so much to learn when being around the likes of @everlove, @saramiller, @quinneaker and the many other awakened people thriving in @gardenofeden


One of the many benefits of living in community and a huge upgrade over the conditioning program called school.


It doesn’t get much better than watching free children creating from love and inspiration. The results are beautiful and ever evolving.


Hope you enjoy these pictures and are inspired by the potential of living in freedom!



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So much fun to create with you QiQi!!!


You and @saramiller are so fun to create with. Instant, fluid, fun chemistry---Love love love this! What a joy it is to spend my day with you!

Amazing on so
Many levels

Is this the project where each person adds something and then passes the paper to the next person, so that everyone has worked on all of them? I have done this with art students years ago - always a fun project! Cool!


It is that! We love doing that with each other and our gallery is growing very richly. I have plans to start this on Steemit too. Would love to see it if you do it with your kids, and maybe you'll join in with us when I get the initiative started.

Children are so creative when drawing mandalas. ^__^