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The Fastest Real-World Crypto Payment Protocol
The QuickX protocol has been designed to allow a decentralized cross-blockchain transaction of crypto assets. It is aimed at providing instant and seamless transfer of multiple cryptocurrencies between two participating nodes with no need for a high transaction fee.

Secugenius is an innovative information security services and solution provider organization. It is an organization that aims to leverage extensive knowledge and experience in security to help build advance security enterprises ensuring risk free IT growth. We develop information security solutions through advisory, engagement and remediation to secure and respond to cyber threats in infrastructure and technology stack. Our client list includes companies across verticals such as Government departments, banks, telecom, software companies, manufacturing and trading units, e-commerce etc. Our consultants possess the requisite industry certifications, but more importantly they are equipped with a wide range of skills covering different technologies and environments.

Quickx Comes with a blockchain solution.

Good Project for investment i thought..
Please comment below what you think about this project.


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