Where am I going wrong? Seeking advice from experts

in questions •  2 years ago

I have a friend who has an account in Steemit, who logs in but hardly does anything else other than remaining idle. I, on the other hand have already written few articles, but when I look at my STEEM POWER, there is no significant difference between me and him. So, my question to experts is, where am I going wrong? What can I do to improve? All my writings have been original and cover diverse subjects, but that has not made much difference.

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Spend more time in commenting and discussing. It is at least as valuable (I feel more valuable) as hitting it big on a post.


Thanks @robsteady. I will keep this in mind. I have been getting involved but it looks like it will take a bit of time before a beginner gets noticed.

I understand perfectly, I'm in the same situation, I imagine to be consistent is the key


Thanks pedromomoreno96 for letting me know that I am not alone in this journey. I have diverted all my social media time to steemit because I believe in it's founding principles of collective ownership. I dream to see this base grow as broad as possible so that it's roots become unshakable.

I think doing little and often will be the key to this site. Make sure people start recognising your username for the right reasons.


Thanks novagirl for the advice. I will keep this in mind.