If musing was not hear to educate and teach you through asking of questions and getting answer rendered to this question in time of doubt where would you go?

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Whenever i need to know anything, google search appears first in my mind. I find almost every question's answer by googling. And if i don't get it there i go for youtube and search there. I got 95% of my question's answer from google and youtube. And i think these are great resources and enough to educate and teach us.

In case of musing, i rarely think about it when i need to know anything. The reason behind this is, most of the person here are profit oriented(not all) and some tries to answer question without knowing the answer and write irreverent answers by doing some googling. And there are also some people who does simple question which can be easily found on a single search of google.

Yeah, musing is doing good. I still see some good questions ad answer here. But as musing requires a steemit account to question/answer all people on internet can't question/answer easily(as steemit takes time for account creation and in some cases account never get approved) and can be said confined between steemit users where quora type of website is more popular because of easy sign up.

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Yes you are right, if you have a question and you find it difficult to get answer you can ask google it will make it easier for you to get the correct answer

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