If someone is trying to challenge your self-respect again and again then what would be your reaction and how do you handle such situation?

in #question6 years ago

The moment you compromise your self respect is the moment you start loosing your personality.

When ever I come across someone who challenges my self respect, at first I try to ignore them but by the second time I start thinking of a good comeback and the third time they challenge me is the time i give them something to remember for their entire lifetime. Generally this one knock out punch is enough to stop them. But in special circumstances you might have to be ready for round 4-5. Doesn't matter how many rounds it takes but once you confront you should never back down, make sure its always the other person who surrenders.

No peace loving person likes confrontations but to live a life of dignity one must protect his self respect. Your self respect and dignity are apart of your character and your character determines how you will be treated by the world .Always stand up for your self respect...


I simply say i don't have time for silly challenges. haha By the way what is musing.io?

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