They Say knowledge is power, how true is this saying?

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The statement "knowledge is power" seems to be a controversial statement in the discretion of some people because they don't actually understand what the three words meant. I hope to do justice to this by explaining the concept and give some practical examples regarding the statement.

I actually believe that knowledge is power because without "knowledge you may not earn power". Some people believe money is everything such that they tend to claim that "money is power and not knowledge", well that's based on their discretion but the fact is that "knowledge will help you to be successful in everything you do". This means that if you really want to be a successful entrepreneur, successful engineer, president, general in command, lecturer, teacher, etc.. You will surely need knowledge to achieve this.

This explains why most people go to school or their work place to learn what they want to do or what they want to become because they will surely need knowledge to excel in their activities. We can see that those in power today all possesses one form of knowledge or the other before they could attain power because "knowledge comes first before power" and knowledge defines power. The misuse of power by some people today maybe due to the lack of knowledge.

A practical experience that explains this can be found in the Muslim world or Muslim settings. I was chanced to witness a very rich man and influential man of a particular country praying behind an Imam. This connotes that his wealth or influence wasn't needed at that instant but knowledge was the most important factor needed at that instant.

This also explains the reason various leaders, rich people, influential people of various countries around the world come together in a sacred land of worship known as Mecca for the purpose of Hajj and they are still led by one particular person who happens to be more knowledgeable known as the imam. This also explains that "knowledge is power."

Lastly, a knowledgeable person can never be forgotten and he will always be remembered by the coming generations compared to someone who has power or wealth because knowledge impact one's life and share light to the world.

I will leave you with these few questions before pressing the post button and I will want you to think very deeply about it before responding via comment. Please don't Google search the questions 😀😀

1) Do you still remember 25th president of your country?

2) Who was the richest man in your country in the 20th century?

3) Have you heard about Albert Einstein?

4) Doesn't the title of the book named Romeo and Juliet sounds familiar to you?

5) Haven't you heard of Pythagoras?

When answering the question offhand, there is high chance you don't get questions 1 and 2. But you will surely have an idea if questions 3,4 and 5 because these people were knowledgeable and they impacted the world with their knowledge and this explains why we can't forget knowledgeable people because "Knowledge is power".

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

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Knowledge is power