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Time goes by quickly.

8 months since I even took a look at Steem. There were great aspirations and plans but after hitting a kind of a burn out, I pretty much disappeared. Leaving all the projects I was involved in without much warnings. (Mea culpa)

Now, here I am and I see that the communities are live. 3 years after wishing for this to happen, if feels strange that all of this happen a few days after we learn that the whole project has been purchased by TRON.

Now, what's next? What kind of future is there for STEEM?
Would love to know what you think.


Good to hear from you... So what's next you ask?

  • VIEWERS: A bigger focus on VIEWERS... because that's what content creators want... Viewers. So more focus on ability to comment and like a picture without having a steem blockchain account and to do it in moments.
    Also a bigger focus on the benefits outside of rewards
  • CONNECTED ENTRY: Meaning users bringing in their friends and connections into the platform. Everyone kind of being a part of that process instead of expecting one large company to do it ... instead make sure that new users already have a connection.
  • NON REWARD BENEFITS: There are more ways for a talented content creator to earn than rewards. Tips, promoted posts, ads, patreon-esque systems. Everyone of those things has the potential to make more than rewards is likely to do. So we can consider all of them at the very least... not instead... but in addition. And many of them aren't just about the wallet of your viewer but some of them tend to be about quantity of viewers.
  • EASE OF USE: I think right now we're all about features... busy pumping out things. But we'll need to of course make sure the design is intuitive for new users.
  • CONTENT DISCOVERY: I think there are still many methods to improve a person's ability to find content. Searches, Badges (new), Communities (new) and a few other tricks up our sleaves.
  • CONTINUE TO BUILD UP COMMUNITIES: A page for the community will continue to have more and more feature options. Don't expect those to stay stagnant.
  • SMTs: They'll come out in a few months and people will be excited but they won't change everything... because a tool doesn't change things as much as well executed examples of usage of a tool changes things. So we'll see SMTs ammount to something when there are several examples of really well executed usage. Same thing with communities... they are amazing but until we see some really great examples of mass usage of communities anywhere close to what's on reddit then that's when they'll meen so much more.
  • A CHANGE IN MESSAGE: In general the message of steem/steemit/steempeak seems to be shifting away from discussions about rewards. Not entirely but since steem does so many other things super well it's nice seeing this shift because there are other things we'll always do well while rewards seems to be a shaky or at least confrontational foundation to build your message on
  • ACTUAL PROMOTION: Then at some point we start to realize there is a really great rentention rate on steem/steempeak. That's when we pull the trigger on marketing. I've got some fun things in mind for that.

Anyway that's my thoughts and probably very related to what we're thinking on @steempeak https://steempeak.com/

Salut a toi et bon retour ici!

Many things have changed and the most urgent things is to vote for witnesses wisely. If you want, we can have a video-chat one of these days (the family will be happy about it) :)

It's nice to see you again and I hope you hang around. @cryptoctopus
Anyway Justin Sun's purchase of steemit.com I think will market steem and would definitely in my opinion is what steem needs in order to improve its image to the public so I am all positive with the acquisition of Justin Sun because of that.

Thanks @cryptopie - So what will happen to the STEEM token?

From what I have learned everything will stay as is until Justin Sun would push for some changes later.

The word on the street is that nothing will happen to the steem token for now, they might try to add atomic swaps with the tron chain or crosschain wallets but nobody knows for sure 100%.

At this time, I’m not really sure what to think...is this a good sign or a sign of capitulation...
Market reacted with some joy...but it only lasted a very short time, and we are declining again...this makes me fear that this “take-over” is game over for STEEM...but who knows??
Maybe some consolidation between two well functioning chains could be a sign of a strong future...but we don’t have an idea where that leaves STEEM...as the chain being bought..Looks like we are the clear underdogs...confusion!!!

That's kind of what I think too. I'm glad that we do have a new front end if that's any consolations.

Great question! I definitely use this platform way less than I used to. In fact, I use all social media way less than I used to. I have a much busier life, and less time for doing fun photography things, thus less posting.

Things have gotten so much better than when I was brought in during the bubble in 2018, especially @steempeak improving the face of it all.

I'm just as curious as you as to where Steem will be in another two years, but I have high enough hopes to keep posting here and there, and not give up yet.

woot, my man is back!

hit me on slack,steemchat or my discord (in every footer of my posts)

Great to see you back as you were one of the few whales that were directly involved on a daily basis and engaged with others.
It's funny how much can change in a short space with communities getting released and smts being tested to come out out shortly. Things we spent years looking for.

What we will see is an increase in speed with Justin sun being involved in steemit.Inc. That and publicity so no better time to start dropping the big developments.

We all get burned out from time to time but hopefully you can come back on a more permanent basis as this is going to be a fast and exciting year. The last one was spend stabilising and building but this one looks like expanding and hypeing steem.

Hey I have been away for 10 months myself and I was checking out the curation trail I was following back then and came across yours. Is that still active?

I feel like theres some good energy buzzing around and things are finally happening, welcome back :) Check out steempeak.com if you aren't using it, they have integrated communities, tribes and some new stuff like badges!

Welcome back ;)

Steem will become a fantastic tool for education.

A person's future on STEEM is mainly about how much money a person has and their timing. On a quasi social media platform like this we buy our influence.

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Come back we like you!

Omg it's been so long ! I'll let other expand on it but basically, smts, communities, hopefully massive marketing towards communities and emboarding.

Glad to hear from you again ! Hope you're doing well :)

I'm too lazy to read what others have said, but in short:
Justin Sun bought Steemit, not Steem the blockchain. Steemit does have a significant power on the blockchain, but still they do not own the entire Steem.

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