What could make you quit social media?

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I once used to be very active on Facebook.   Before few months I made a decision to quit Facebook.   I have not deactivated my account but I have stopped posting, liking or sharing anything there unless it is worth sharing. That too not quite often. I completely stopped liking or commenting on posts from others. Few reasons why I made this decision:

  • I noticed that Facebook was drinking lots of time from my schedule. The never-ending scroll down made me spend lots of valuable time there without doing anything productive.
  • Three were lots of controversies to which I was poking my nose unnecessarily. 
  • I got stressed out and pissed off by some of the posts made by friends. 
  • I was losing lots of friends because of unwanted arguments and discussions. 
  • I was becoming too much of an internet protester showing all my anger on my Facebook wall. At one point I realized all those things were silly. 
  • I wanted to do things without showing my face to anyone. I was interested in working on a slow change instead of talking a lot without changing anything. 
  • I'm able to focus more on the real things that I want in my life instead of spending lots of time on entertainment alone. 

My alternative for Facebook

No one can really quit social interaction. Humans are social beings and will definitely need some kind of interactions with other beings. If I'm stopping to use Facebook or Twitter, I will definitely need an alternative. My mind will not be satisfied if I don't provide any alternative to it.   I have been a blogger and content writer for more than 8 years. I was wondering how about starting my content writing career back again. That's when I reached steemit. That was the time we had cryptocurrency fever going on everywhere.   When I was looking for options to earn crypto by writing contents, I reached steemit. Then in my life was wonderful. 

Though I say I have stopped using Facebook, I still log in to my Facebook account now and then to stay in touch with latest trends and things happening around me and to know what my friends are doing. Other than that I'm not trying to be a part of any conversations or posts shared on Facebook by my friends. It gives me a great relief. 

Productive things happening after I quit social media

I'm spending lots of time in a productive manner in steemit. I'm able to explore the blockchain ideologies and news related to the blockchain. I've been able to consistently write a minimum of one article per day which I always wanted to. I'm trying to make my life better by creating a routine in my life. This is helping me grow both personally as well as financially. Apart from normal writing platforms like musing is also giving me a diversified area to explore. 

More than writing I'm able to read a lot today. I used to read the news and current trends every day but now I'm having a group of friends in Steemit and I'm reading their posts now and then. Reading lots of good things and motivational contents make me really happy. I'm able to chase my dream towards a life with financial independence.   Steem blockchain has helped me a lot in spreading more positive energy than harming myself a lot by staying in a circle of negative thoughts and negative energy. I feel comfortable and I make people around me comfortable as well. 

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If nobody is answering my question, I would quit !