Multiple channels under 1 steemit account.

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About me

Hello everyone iam still kinda new to steemit. I am a webmaster with different types of content. I am for example into online marketing, security and privacy tools but also into gaming.

More channels

So my problem here is, that i would like to have different channels under my main account. So i can have blog post on a channel dedicated to gaming, and another with posts on online privacy and such.

Cannot make more accounts

I tried to make another account just like i have on other platforms like Youtube and Twitter. But i cannot do that since my phone number is already in use.

While i understand that there have to be some measures in place against bots and fake accounts, it would really be nice for me to post everything i want on the channel it is suppose to go.

What do you guys think about this?

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Lol ok i found it that you can indeed make another account for yourself. And i just did that myself. was not easy tho :)