Question: What could be the "CARBON FOOTPRINT" of the STEEM-NETWORK in the future?

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Answer: 21 decentralised raspberry pi consuming a total of $210 worth of electric power per year would be sufficient to run the STEEM Network Globally, according to @picokernel and it would still be more secure than Bitcoin or any other POW crypto-currency.

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The last time we could run steemd on a raspberry pi was Hard Fork 12. Now that has been implemented equihash, we can't even compile it on the pi. Once they remove proof of work, we'll be able to once again run steemd on pi, and by then, they'll probably switch to 22 witnesses.


That is pretty amazing!!


Interesting :) A nice thing would be to set a standard to run steemd on a PI


Neat. I am no IT guy but I like learning this stuff.


-- annnd


The future is green, the future is bright, the future is Steem!

Had to manual vote for this! I always wanted to order a Raspberry Pi!


Yeah, those machines are cool. Thinking about the same thing.


Wow so you don't manually vote :)

  • PI's are awesome I'm thinking what can be done with them, IT sounds really underpriced for being able to run anything :D

Mind blown!!! WHOAAAAAHW!!! Thanks for underlining this fact about the level of sustainability of this platform and implication for our planet's natural living beings. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)


Your welcome, and thank you for commenting :)All for One and One for All :)

That's a great question...and answer.

If we start a farming guild, and have contests for the best bot software designs, to run solar fueled robot farmers, to farm whatever plants are best at carbon sequestration, we could, not only make our footprint small, we could reverse it. It would be like Farmville, but with real farms, growing biomass and burying it, sequestering it in the soil, enriching the soil. It could also be helpful in decreasing desertification.


Good and interesting could work, who knows, I do think FB games aren't games and anything on tablet shouldn't be considered as such. It's a bit braindead to me, i we could get people to work in the real world as much as they play we will have apples and oranges everywhere it seems :D so lower the need for competition increase the value of attribution, decrease the overall health risks( if it's not sprayed like we are on mars :| ) increase the happiness and overall life expectancy and experience. That would be great, I've been thinking for a few years how to make that happen rather than more cars and shit, even electricity is bugging me, not sure why, maybe it's the constant bombardment from everything everywhere and the decrease in overall IQ :D

That sounds pretty cool...

Could I really become a Steemit witness with no more than a Raspberry Pi and the right software?




I assume you could, with the future fork.


Guess I'd have to get voted in, though... :) Could be tough!

But this is indeed very wonderful news for sustainability of the platform! :)


Yup Yup, if the hardfork actually makes the KISS work, it would be fun, I would love to see a vibrant forum and some conversations here, hopefully it doesn't break everything with the payouts and I do believe the comment rewards isn't going to fix the problems inherent from before. Also we need a search and an notify on here like actual working categories and ways to save content other than offline( like me ), notifications for watched posts for instance since comments will be added in a weekly basis ( maybe dunno )

Any ideas :)

That't about a millionth of the Bitcoin power consumption, I expect. Bitcoin just doesn't seem sustainable. Good to hear that Steem is more efficient.


Billion coin :D sure takes a lot of power and time to run through all those transactions :D

Good news. Steem on!


whot? I'll steem on fo sure!
Also i'm thinking about building up some nodes for different networks - steem could be one, ethereum another.


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cool :) Important video that one.


Agreed. Thumbs Up man

Awesome post! This is so true and an important advantage of Steem over Bitcoin and other POW coin.

I know you know your stuff, I find this remarkable in many senses my friend.

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