The quata system

in #quata3 years ago

The question raised whether quota system is legally raised. What does our constitution say about this? According to Article 19 (1) of the Constitution, the State will try to ensure equal opportunities for all citizens of the Republic. In the 29 (1) section it has been said that all citizens of the Republic's job will have equal rights. But in our case there is a provision in the constitution to disrupt it. Under Article 29 (3) of the Constitution, it has been legalized to provide disadvantaged groups and to provide special privileges to the Republic's service to ensure their proper representation. The existing quotas will be judged in light of this provision of the constitution. We have to see, the quota system, which we are giving, can be considered as a disadvantaged population in the final judgment.

At first we have to decide what will be the level of comparative backwardness. I think that compared to the number of any population, their comparative representation in jobs or studies is less, but they may be considered as backward. If the aim of the quota is social equality ahead of the aggrieved, then maintaining a quota system for them until it gets comparative representation seems to be appropriate in light of our constitution.