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RE: Why every Vue developer should be excited by Quasar 1.0

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First, I apologize for the delay in reviewing your post. You used the #development tag, but the content is more of a Blog post. Thus, I changed the tag to #blog in our review sheet. Whenever you wish to share any information about the project, #blog is the right tag to use.

This is a great post. I am happy to see this significant update on the project. I never had a deep understanding of Quasar uses until I read this post. Even as a non-developer, I understand its benefits.

I enjoyed the short story you shared on how the project was born. It is interesting and motivating. It is good to see the success from its inception till now. Quasar V1 stable is indeed a tremendous milestone.

The post itself is well done! It is well-written and informative.

I appreciate the effort. I hope Quasarframework becomes a well-known project.

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Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

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