Quasar 0.17.14 - Changelog

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These updates are patch level, but you should not use 0.17.13, as a few regressions were immediately caught and patched in 0.17.14. As always, if you discover something that could be considered a regression, please let us know!

Your vigilance keeps Quasar strong!

SSR for the Win

Thanks to great feedback from @gregory.latinier from @utopian-io and @kevinmarrec from the Quasar Staff, we resolved some minor issues with cookies on the server-side and localStorage on the client-side. Battle-testing results coming soon!!!


A lot of enhancements and fixes here, specifically with regard to QSelect integration with QPopup and its general behaviour. Thanks to everyone for reporting related issues! Just remember: If you find an edge-case or a problem with any core form elements, get some feedback on the Discord server before you file an issue. Regardless: WE WANT TO KNOW!!!



  • QPopover: only dismiss if mousedown and mouseup are both outside (#2566)


  • QSlider|QRange: fixes for ring (#2564)
  • QPopover: enforce maximum viewport size on reposition (#2563)
  • QModal: fix backdrop on mobile (#2562)
  • QDatetimePicker Mat: fixes and full responsive (#2559)



  • QSlideTransition/QTree/QCollapsible new prop: "duration" (Number)
  • QField: keep botom spacing if there can be something there (#2557)
  • Simplify WebStorage logic when on SSR
  • QDatetimePicker Material version: set view to default when minimal and canClose (#2540)
  • Remove usage of cssTransform() helper -- no longer needed
  • QSelect: add popup-max-height prop (#2531)
  • QPopupEdit can't be disable #2527
  • QPopupEdit: provide initial value as second parameter when emitting save (#2514)


  • Modal closing on mouseup #2551
  • QInput/QResizeObserver on Firefox: fix spinner and object keyboard navigation (#2556)
  • Fixes for QDatetime Material version (more responsive) and QPopup (#2549)
  • SSR only keeps the last cookie set #2547
  • QCard assumes any color it's set to is dark #2546
  • Fixes for QPopover and QTooltip (#2543)
  • Uploader doesn't obey disabled prop #2538
  • QSelect: Fix QChip content override by innerHTML (#2526)
  • [SSR] Cannot use set() or clear() with LocalStorage on client side #2517
  • QUploader missing extensions filter onAdd event (was only onDrop) (#2533)
  • QInputFrame marginalia: don't focus and fix icon on disable (#2515)
  • QSelect: fix clearValue (#2507)

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I always strive to find something to say about posts I review. Something insightful, some point to improve. But this is, well, it's a changelog. It's well formatted, well written. It tells readers who use Quasar what's new in a concise and clear way.

It's not quite what we consider a blog post, but that's not what it's trying to be. It's a changelog, and there's nothing wrong with that. I do, however, look forward to more meaty updates from you in the future.

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:D @didic - I would have posted this in #development, but I was informed that such an update wasn't appropriate as several different people contributed. Maybe it would make sense to have a "changelog" category.

Thank you for your review, @didic!

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