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RE: The Quasar Framework joins forces with and the Steem Community

Yes, the very model of a modern major general who has information, vegetable animal and mineral... As long as you remember Waterloo then its all good. ;) If you like, feel free to visit our discord and I'll point the lighthouse at the dock, bring you ashore and show you the FAST way to get started. But that only goes for you and not anyone else reading this - because you, my friend, know your literature!!!


I'm quite tempted once I finish my current coding project. Ended up reading up about reactive programming and vue. I definitely have a simple app in mind that could use that. Even better if I can make it an SPA and an android app - which I gather is part of the strength of Quasar.

Yeah - it really is a great way to go. Feel free to stop by our Discord channel if you need help getting started!

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