Quarantine lifeee~

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Almost 4 months and still going we are stucked in this corona virus pandemic. Corona Virus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered virus called corona virus. The government made a command so we are not allowed to go out if it is not necessary in order to reduce virus spreading. When the government announced that, of course extroverts will think "what should I do at home" or "ahh.. this will be so boring being at home the whole day." So did I... when the government announce that I was wondering, what should I do at home, how to meet my friends, how can I do my national examination and many more. But as time goes on it become like usual but still boring. All I do is sleep then eat I don't do school work because my school seldom give us work so I try to find something that I can do. I watched you tube and I decided to start baking. I learn to bake brownies firstly and I succeeded. So I got the recipe from Tasyi Athasyia you can try to stalk her you tube channel and also her Instagram account, she is one of my Favorite, she is so good in cooking and also baking. Not only brownies I also tried to make bubble drink and dalgona coffee, they are both viral drinks now a days. But I gave up making the bubbles for the bubble drink because it made me very exhausted so I chose to not make it again but I succeed in my first try. My mom said I have 'cooking talent' because I can succeed to make something and it was delicious. Not only that, recently me and my family went to recreation. Like we went to Alue Jerueu river in Jantho city we also went to beach and to CRU sampoiniet. We went to those places early in the morning so it won't be really crowded and we went home when it started to be crowded, we also always use mask and bring hand sanitizer. Don't forget to always pray To God so that this pandemic will be over soon so we can do our activity normally. That's all about my quarantine experience, I will describe about Cru Sampoiniet recreational object soon. Thank youuu~~

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