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any chance for whitelist allocation ?

will be spreaded over the whitelisted accs... way too small... but fair...

With these crazy days it always seems to get to that. Fair but low individual caps. I guess everybody needs to scoop up a few tokens when they hit the exchanges.

Hi guys, great that you use the steemit for the announces!!!

Decentralization matters!!!

Hello, I have a chance to participate as someone living in Turkey?

Why you use 4 in your example task. Please, can this someone explain?

"where x = 8000/4/2000 = 1"

I think x will be 1, that is to say max contribution in first 12 hrs is 1 ETH. Well, this is my interpretation.

So can we contribute again after the first 12 hours??

if not sold out yes.

I think it's just because they want to start the contribution with 1 ETH. So 8000/2000 = 4, then 4/4.

I think the outcome of "Hard cap / no of participants"

Does this mean that is possible for someone (like me) who joined the telegram the 3 may to don't have access at the ICO ?

Awesome product by the way

Even tough you entered the telegram on May 3th, you still have good chances to enter the lottery. The date you joined telegram is only responsible for 30% of yout total score. You can get up to 50 more points by answering the questions of the quiz, and another 20 points by contributing to the community (for example helping people on telegram, writing helpful articles about the technology of Quarkchain, or making youtube videos).
Even if we can get over 60 points it's not a guarantee of being whitelisted, since it's a lottery.
So good luck for us all :)

From what I understand: indeed... as (the degree of?) early membership is only one out of three criteria... so it will depend on your understanding of and contribution to the project too...
Good luck!

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How can we participate in KYC if the Telegram is closed to joining??

Hi Dampan, from the TG Announcement:

"You can still join telegram group (including follow news channel) to be qualified for a KYC but not get credit as an early supporter"

Good luck to all!

very good

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in:

They recommended participants to join their Telegram .
Now their telegram was closed.

What can we do now ?

Hi Riril,
What makes you think so? Did you try?
From the TG Announcement:

"You can still join telegram group (including follow news channel) to be qualified for a KYC but not get credit as an early supporter"

good news ! ty quarkchain.

Team made a great decision on cancelling pre sale. The fair shaee distribution is good too, Every participates get equal chance to participate, and only those who can understand the project can participate , that is plus point in term of community building

I am trying joining the Telegram English group but it's not going forward and the group is not opening. I joined it on Wednesday but then they closed the group and opened it again yesterday. But since then I am not able to open or join the group. Although I joined the news group.
Any advise?

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Could the link have changed?

Joined the Telegram group today...so the chance is low I guess.

It seems a really good project, let's see how they manage their popularity

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I think it will look like this:

For example: 5000 ETH with 20 000 whitelisted participants.

  a.First 12 hours: max contribution x ETH, where x = 5000/4/20 000 = 0,0625 ETH

  b.next 8 hours: max contribution 2x ETH

  c.next 4 hours: max contribution 4x ETH

  d.next 2 hours: max contribution 8x ETH

  e.next 1 hours: max contribution 16x ETH

What kinds of evidence will you consider to confirm project understanding and contributions to the project? Will articles posted at Medium or Steemit be accepted? Are we going to have to answer questions about the project?

This looks like a great project! I'm looking forward to participating in the public sale.

i hope someone else explain above things about "personal cap".

Unfortunately not many people are using Steemit, but I'll resteem this to my followers.

For some reason I expect some growth of the Steemit population :)...
That said: the blog post is public so just like on Medium all can read it but only members can reply...

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Traduction en FRANÇAIS de cet article

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