QuarkChain Announcement

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● We have to change the cutoff time ( It supposed to be 05/05 in steem) due to high volume of interest, the new cutoff time is 05/04 11:59:59 am PST , you will not be treated as early supporters if join later than this.

 ● You can still join telegram group (including following news channel) to be qualified for a KYC but not get credit as an early supporter.

 ● KYC and whitelisting : kyc will start on Monday California time. Wait for annoucement for details. First you need to pass kyc to have the chance of being whitelisted. Then we take 3 factors (read the steem article for more details) into our algorithm to help select people for whitelisting. You will have the opportunity to participate the public sale only after getting whitelisted.

 ● No gas war, and you do not need to rush for kyc in the first day , you will have 2 weeks for doing that.

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Awesome. Also good to see you on Steemit. Good adaptation to the Medium issue. I also think it is important for blockchain projects to actually use blockchain tech where they can in support of the overall use cases of blockchain :)

This is one of my top projects of 2018 along with many other people

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Look forward to taking part in it!

No gas war, and you do not need to rush for kyc in the first day , you will have 2 weeks for doing that. Its perfect, but what is those 3 factors i cant find anywhere. Can someone guide me ?

One of the things you will have to do it answer a quiz, and the more points you get, the greater are your chances to participate! I recommend reading this article, which explains Quarkchain in a very simple way https://steemit.com/ico/@cesar1234p/quarkchain-easy-to-understand-technology-overview

Glad you shifted to steemit

Wish I found out about this amazing project earlier, but glad I joined last week! Good luck with the sales.

Привет, я сделал обзор quarkchain на русском. https://steemit.com/btc/@essios/obzor-vysokoskorostnogo-blokcheina-ico-quarkchain

Moon soon;)

good news

Good conditions

very good

Quarkchain is a great project. I hope to be selected for the Whitelist.